I’m Ashley, a 28-year old California native with a degree in graphic design and a passion for illustration, concept art and comics (and dogs). I live in Central California with my awesome boyfriend, Ryan, and our adorable little dogs, Olive & Clarice! I love whimsical designs, unique fonts, anime, cartoons and cute stuff, and all of these reflect in my art style. My passion for art and design influences every aspect of my life, and I do my best to create things that will inspire others in a similar way. Under the name “le Spirit” I am showcasing my style and my passion to continue to learn and grow in the art community.

You might be thinking, “le Spirit? Where did that name come from?” Well, there is a story! My first online alias was created in 2005 as “Spirit-the-Titan”, which was the name of my Teen Titans fan character. As time went on, I outgrew the bulky handle, and traded out dashes and “the” for “SpiritLeTitan”, which I finally retired at the end of 2017. However, this wasn’t the sort of title I wanted for my personal brand, though I wanted to retain the identity I had grown to know and love. Names like “Designs by Ashley” are much too generic and overdone, so I did some rearranging, and “le Spirit” was created in 2014!