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Voltron Enamel Pins


As seen on Kickstarter! 

This set of pins is inspired for my deep appreciation for “Voltron: Legendary Defender”. Each pin features a profile of the paladin, an inspirational quote they have said, beautiful glitter enamel, and measuring 1.5″ with the Le Spirit logo on the back. All pins come double posted with metal butterfly clasps on a backing card.


Seconds Pins

$10.00 $5.00

“Seconds” of all my pin designs! A “seconds” pin is any pin with minor flaws or defects that can’t be sold at regular price, but still cute enough to wear! These pins have minor scratches in enamel and/or metal plating, missing enamel, or minute cosmetic flaws.

Mystery Grab Bags


Want a little bit of everything we have to offer? Grab a mystery pack!

Each pack contains one 5×7″ print, one retired 5×7″ print, one charm with a cell phone plug, one 1″ button (of designs featured on the 1.5″ buttons, but smaller), one enamel pin, and five tiny stickers! With various types of mystery packs to choose from, you can’t go wrong!


“Hopeless” Pin Collection


 As seen on Kickstarter!

The NOW COMPLETE “Hopeless Collection” pin designs! Are you a diehard romantic? Or perhaps the procrastinator club’s best sponsor? Maybe even a daydreamer?? Wear your badge with pride! 

Each sold separately, or buy the whole collection for a discount!

These pins are 25mm with gold plating, silver plating and “rose gold” plating respectively, and butterfly clutch to secure them to your coat, hat or lapel.

1.5″ Fanart Buttons


These show-inspired 1.5″ buttons are perfect for your collection! Each has a quote or reference from your favorite popular TV show or anime!

“Bee Kind” Enamel Pin


“Beeeee kind” by adding this pin to your collection and help save the honey bee at the same time! For every order sold, $1 will be donated to The Honey Bee Conservancy organization! On top of that, each order will come with a small amount of flower seeds that aid bees in pollination, just in time for spring!

This pin is 25mm with gold plating and butterfly clutch to secure it to your coat, hat or lapel.


*DISCLAIMER: I am not in any way affiliated or partnered with The Honey Bee Conservancy organization, only choosing to donate to them*